Labour plotters have found a savage way to purge Corbyn voters ahead of leadership election | The Canary

When reading this article open-mouthed, I was both shocked and completely dismayed. Shocked at the thought.  the party I have followed and voted for since being able to vote, almost thirty years. A party which seems to have brought itself down to a level that undermines democracy. Shocked at individual MPs who have, in many respects let themselves  be cohersed into going against a democratly elected leader.

Also utterly dismayed, at a time a government who in their own self destruction are in so much disarray. When, at a time the country is in so much a mess. Economically,  socially and environmentally,  the country is on its knees. It is crying out for a leader,  who is honest,  sympathetic, unites all different age groups,  ethnic backgrounds and fights the huge inequality in our country. 

The labour party so called coup,  may or may not be Blairite lead. Nonetheless,  nine months previous Corbyn won a huge mandate. Since then many dissatisfied “blarites” choose to ignore the membership and go against corbyn at any point. They were given every opportunity from the media, bbc, mail, telegrapgh and shockingly the guardian.  All hell bent on destroying and ridding Jeremy Corbyn.
Many will know who read this blog I have backed Jeremy Corbyn since before him winning the election to become leader of the labour party. Why, because I believe passionately he is right to lead this country out of the mess it is in. He his lifelong hardened politician.  Honest,  passionate,  caring and true to his core believes. This is why I support him in the election and the momentum members standing in the National Executive Committee election

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