Another Angry Voice on the Tory Policy of Destroying Embarrassing Evidence

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Another Angry Voice has another excellent post up, this time on the way the Conservatives are deliberately destroying and suppressing the evidence of the harm done by their vile policies. The evidence from information collected from the government agencies themselves have refuted and challenged Tory claims on the moral and economic basis of their cuts to the welfare services on everything from the foodbanks to the bedroom tax. In particularly they have shown that a horrifying 10,600 people have committed suicide due to losing their support from the state under the Tories’ reforms. The government’s response has been, in all of these cases, consistent: shoot the messenger. The agencies have simply stopped collecting the information. The Voice’s article begins:

‘In April 2013 Iain Duncan Smith’s woefully mismanaged Department for Work and Pensions furtively cancelled the collection of data on the reasons they have been referring people to food banks.


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Video of Corbyn’s Speech Describing Labour’s Proposed Reforms to the DWP

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Mike put up a piece yesterday about a speech Corbyn had made in Iain Duncan Smith’s constituency of Chingford in which he outlined the Labour party’s reforms of the welfare state. Top of the list was to change the DWP back into the DSS and scrap the welfare to work tests. This was pretty much a provocation to Smith, who presided over the DWP under the Tories under relatively recently, and was directly responsible for the immense harm and the mass deaths of the poor, the sick and the disabled that came from the Tories’ welfare reforms. The Guardian has put up a video of the speech, or at least this part of it, on YouTube. It’s two minutes 20 seconds long. In it the Labour leader states that

They will change the DWP’s name back to Social Security to bring back real Social Security for people. But changing it’s…

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Before We Go to War with Iran, We Should Listen to Michael Moore and Neil Young

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Yesterday I put up a piece commenting on Secular Talk’s video about the drone strikes on the Saudi oilfields. The host, Kyle Kulinski, stated that he believed the media would start lying and claim that these attacks were completely unprovoked. The reality is that they were committed by the Houthis in Yemen in retaliation for the genocidal war the Saudis are waging against their country. Kulinski also predicted that the media, including the Beeb, would tell us all that Iran, and only Iran, was responsible. He states that it’s possible that the Iranians have helped them, and that elements in Iran do support and celebrate it. But he fears a push for war, and doesn’t trust any of the actors – Trump, Netanyahu or the Saudis – to draw back.

I share his fears. And so, I believe, do very many other people. On my YouTube page the other day…

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