Paul Nuttall admits claim he lost close friends at Hillsborough was false

Paul Nuttall admits claiming he lost close friends at Hillsborough was false Is he just a compulsive liar. Why, being a party leader can he repeatedly lie and get away with it. If Jeremy Corbyn,  and I say if because Corbyn is an honest and genuine politician. If he behaved like Paul Nuttall the…

The Human Cost Of Austerity

What is the Human Cost of Austerity? Well for most working people it not affected them yet, they actually have been least hit, unless you’re on low pay poverty wages .The pensioners ar… Source: The Human Cost Of Austerity

The government’s in-work sanctions are incompatible with ‘halving the disability employment gap’ (and other ideological problems)

Originally posted on Politics and Insights:
The government have introduced in-work sanctioning for low paid and part-time workers to “incentivise” them to “progress” in work. Historically, wages and employment conditions were raised, and hours were often negotiated by Trade Unions. Now those decisions are entirely down to the executive decisions of employers not employees. Sanctioning…

PIP: now it’s personal

As the process of migrating disabled people from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) continues at its own pace, Andy Rickell gives his personal account of the l… Source: PIP: now it’s personal