The Observer view on the Grenfell Tower fire

The Observer view on the Grenfell Tower fire

“These were preventable deaths. We are a rich society that has created remedies for diseases once thought incurable and invented the world wide web. We know how to make housing decent safe and fireproof and we have the money to do so. The negligence that led to dozens of men, women and children, many of them poor, many of them migrants, burning to death must forever be a stain on our conscience.”

In law, if May can’t pass #QueensSpeech, #Corbyn AUTOMATICALLY becomes PM

Let’s hope


no 10The Tories announced today that Theresa May’s ‘Queen’s Speech’ programme for government has been postponed from its expected date of 19 June – clearly because they have so far been unable to reach agreement with the Democratic Unionists (DUP), who are queasy about the prospect of going into an unpopular government against the clear wish of many British people.

Even the possibility of a Tory-DUP deal has raised tensions and fears in Northern Ireland, with experts asserting that the collaboration between the two parties puts the ‘Good Friday Agreement’ at serious risk, threatening the fragile peace process.

In spite of this, the Tories persist in pursuing such a deal for their own narrow gain,

They have attempted to justify this tactic by claiming it’s ‘for the good of the country’ and that Britain would be destabilised, with no clear path of transition to a Labour government when the parliamentary…

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