Cameron’s ‘assault on poverty’ pledge belied by new figures

Cameron’s ‘assault on poverty’ pledge belied by new figures
What a joke,  a party that caused the widest gap between the richest 1% and poor. Thousands upon thousands of disabled have suffered poverty and gone through unethical testing.  What is more, only to have their benefits removed, resulting in taking their lives

Coroners attributed their deaths to unjust withdrawal of benefits.  Nonnetheless the Conservatives dispute and senselessly state there isn’t a causal link to any actions from the DWP:

Joseph Rowntree have increased their numbers of food banks by 38%.

Click to access 6323_Below_the_Breadline_web.pdf

Presently,  the UK is facing the first UN investigation due to poverty levels an unjust treatment of its disabled citizenship:

Also,  breaching human rights violations:

UK is breaching human rights of disabled people, UN told

The Conservatives,  or David Cameron’s lies are beneath contempt. His narratives on poverty show how delusional he and his party are.

5 thoughts on “Cameron’s ‘assault on poverty’ pledge belied by new figures

  1. For the record – I’m disabled. Went to the foodbank this week. Had to buy cheese and bread. I’m living on toasties til the verdict of my “investigation” is complete Friday. Cos of the sudden sanctioning, I have no bank statement to show a lender so I can borrow to tide me over. Operating on a fine line budget wise as I was, all direct debit and other payments are train-smashing so I incur further debt through penalties.

    1. I am also disabled, have been for the past twenty years following a severe near fatal car crash. I am sympathetic to your current unfortunate and disgusting situation. Last year I to had my money stopped. The reason was they sent a supposed doctor to my home. His statement was a joke. Each sentence, and paragraph filled with lies and utter and false utterences. Has you can imagine the supposedly correct decision maker took his statement as fact.
      I suffer with a list of complications, mainly gran mal, abbsentisem, chronic pain syndrome, neurological pain syndrome along with MS. This is not a full list. I forward the DWP hundreds of documented evidence from surgical constultants, GPs, pain consultants and so on. All were ignored. Took me a year and half to have revered. It turned out the supposedly GP who came and lied, wasn’t actually a GP and lied within many other reports. Many lost their much needed financial support because of corrupt, unethical and downright evil methods.
      This is occurring now, by a dangerous evil regime. Who treat the disabled with utter contempt.
      My brother who as just been placed on the new system was sanctioned for three months.He was twenty minutes late for a appointment. Its disgusting what these evil individuals are doing
      I do hope you sort things out 😕

  2. The 1995 Disability Discrimination Act has been replaced by the 2010 Equality Act, the last Act to be fostered by Gordon Brown as MP I believe. Cameron is seeking to discredit it and polarize the disabled into those with “minor” afflictions and those with “major” shall we say. It is obvious yet the basic tenet remains – protection of disabled rights which is being Overlorded by the same cunt as before, namely David Cameron who wants to act the big man in front of me. Bruce

    1. I agree with you, specifically with him being a ‘cunt’. One who sticks his penis in the mouths of many animals. He and his fellow idiots, are doing everything they can to discredit the disabled and poor. His narratives are purely a smokescreen to hide his true intentions. That is, to rip up all policies and Acts which protects citizens of the UK. Specifically, targeting the poorest and disabled. Shutting down or limiting access to courts, tribunals and any basic right to question their disgusting policies. Labour or Corbyn needs to take some sort of control of media access now or over the coming months. He needs a brilliant PR also a team behind him which are ruthless albeit excellent with the press.

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