WOWCampaign’s response to this ConDem Government’s repeated statement that it is impossible to do a Cumulative Impact Assessment of the way the Welfare Reform Act affected Sick and Disabled people, despite evidence to the contrary.

WOW Petition Campaign

WOWpetition secured a debate in the House of Commons on the 27th February at which here today, gone tomorrow Minister for Disabled People Mike Penning said, “the Institute for Fiscal Studies has also said that that could not be done properly and accurately enough” but agreed to look again in light of Cumulative Impact Assessments carried out by Scope and Simon Duffy at the Centre for Welfare Reform. However, on the 9th April 2014 he had reverted to his previous position by stating in response to a question from Naomi Long MP on whether he will review his decision not to carry out a cumulative impact assessment, that “the previous Government did not provide this type of analysis and that distributional analysis is provided for the whole population on the basis of household income and household expenditure. However this is not disaggregated to the level of household characteristics such as…

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