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I’ve just reblogged Mike’s post about the national protests against ATOS, which will be held up and down the country on Wednesay, 19th of February. In Bristol the protest will be held at the Bristol Assessment Centre, Government Buildings, Flowers Hill, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 5LA, according to the campaign’s Facebook page at This also provides the following useful information for getting there by bus: ‘The assessment centre is served by bus routes: 36, 178, 349, and X39.
Ask for the Flowers Hill bus stop. The Bus stop is opposite the TK Maxx store.
The centre is within 200 metres walk from the bus stop.

Any problems, call Michael on 07977279672’.

Here’s a map of Brislington, showing Flower’s Hill:

Brislington Map.

Anonymous has also made their opposition to ATOS very clear in this video, which I found at the National Campaig’s home page at

Remember, these are ‘hackers on steroids’.

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