Excellent article from Sue Jones 

Conservatives, cruelty and the collective unconscious – http://wp.me/p2Ovhl-2qz “There has never been a clearer contrast between the values and approach of the two main political parties: the Tories are undemocratic, they state plainly that some people’s lives don’t matter – the food bank debate and thebedroom tax debate are further examples of how Conservatives reduce human subjects to…

Panama Papers: Business As Usual

Originally posted on Road To Somewhere Else:
By Daniel Margrain Steve Topple’s excellent piece for the Canary which revisited the one year old Panama Papers scandal, was a welcome reminder of the background to the biggest data leak in history. As Steve alluded, the government’s stated intention to tackle the systematic corruption that resulted from the handing…

Lords table motion to kill new Tory restrictions on PIP

Around 160,000 disabled people will be stripped of their entitlement to support for the additional costs they face because of their disability after the Government shifted the goalposts to deal wit… Source: Lords table motion to kill new Tory restrictions on PIP