BBC confirms ‘Tory mouthpiece’ accusation with updated lies about ESA

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I have complained to the BBC and the UK Statistics Authority about this disgrace.

Today (January 25) the BBC published a scurrilous little screed claiming that “nearly a million people who applied for sickness benefit have been found fit for work”. Needless to say, the figures come from the Department for Work and Pensions and aren’t worth the time it took to type them in.

The story states: “The DWP claims 980,400 people – 32% of new applicants for Employment and Support Allowance – were judged capable of work between 2008 and March 2013.

“More than a million others withdrew their claims after interviews, it adds.”

It goes on to say that disability campaigners had stated that the work capability assessment tests were “ridiculously harsh and extremely unfair”, but says nothing about the fact that an almost-identical story was withdrawn last year after it was found to be riddled…

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News: Parliamentary Work & Pensions Committee recalling IDS on Monday for grilling on Universal Credit v3.0


Today it has been announced that the Parliamentary Work and Pensions Committee is recalling IDS on Monday (3rd Feb 2014) to grill him in detail on the money wasted so far on Universal Credit (v1.0 written off and v2.0, the temporary fix) and why the new ‘digital solution’ (a.k.a. v3.0) will succeed when the previous two versions have failed to deliver…


Last year a wrangle between the NAO and the DWP delayed the sign-off of DWP’s accounts by 6 months.  The accounts were finally sent to MPs just a few days before the Work & Pensions committee hearing where the Secretary of State, Iain Duncan Smith, revealed that £303m had been spent on developing the IT, and that £40m will be written off now, with £91m to be written off over the next 3 years with temporary IT used only until 2017.

Under close cross-examination by Teresa Pearce MP, he further…

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What you’re not being told about Europe’s verdict on social security

The Tactics, propaganda and what could untimely could be construed as Nazism. The welfare reform which this coalition is delivering basically is a continued assault on the poor. The disabled, those looking for work and even those in low paid jobs have been deionised by their propaganda machine. Robbed of their entitlements by a corrupt DWP and their associated unlawful and unethical assessments. They should be like their counterparts be brought to justice

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“Manifestly inadequate” are words that should ring in Iain Duncan Smith’s ears for some time to come.

They are the Council of Europe’s verdict on the UK’s social security system of payments for jobseekers, pensioners and recipients of both short- and long-term incapacity benefit.

The Council, an international organisation promoting co-operation between all countries of Europe in legal standards, human rights, democratic development, the rule of law and cultural co-operation, is home to the European Court of Human Rights.

The finding was made in an annual review of the UK’s adherence to the council’s European Social Charter. If the UK’s Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition government takes no action to rectify the situation, then the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers may address a recommendation to the UK, asking it to change the situation in law or in practice. This is clearly a weak way of handling a situation…

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National Campaign Against ATOS

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I’ve just reblogged Mike’s post about the national protests against ATOS, which will be held up and down the country on Wednesay, 19th of February. In Bristol the protest will be held at the Bristol Assessment Centre, Government Buildings, Flowers Hill, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 5LA, according to the campaign’s Facebook page at This also provides the following useful information for getting there by bus: ‘The assessment centre is served by bus routes: 36, 178, 349, and X39.
Ask for the Flowers Hill bus stop. The Bus stop is opposite the TK Maxx store.
The centre is within 200 metres walk from the bus stop.

Any problems, call Michael on 07977279672’.

Here’s a map of Brislington, showing Flower’s Hill:

Brislington Map.

Anonymous has also made their opposition to ATOS very clear in this video, which I found at the National Campaig’s home page at

Remember, these are ‘hackers on steroids’.

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Death of democracy is confirmed as Cameron ignores the will of Parliament

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Ladies and gentlemen of the United Kingdom, your plight is worsening: The government now no longer pays any attention to the decisions of your Parliamentarians.

You’ll remember that a debate was held on Monday, in which MPs called for an inquiry into the effect of changes to the benefit system – introduced by the Conservative-led Coalition government – on the incidence of poverty in this country; the question was whether poverty was increasing as a result of the so-called reforms.

Parliament voted massively in favour of the inquiry (125 votes for; two against), as reported here.

We considered it a great victory at the time, and looked forward to the commissioning of the inquiry and its eventual report.

Now that dream is in tatters as Michael Meacher, the MP who brought the motion to Parliament, has reported that nothing is to happen and the government is ignoring the vote.

It seems…

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Essential information for ESA claims, assessments and appeals

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Essential Information for claims, assessments and appeals. 

There are three essential ideas to keep in mind when claiming Employment Support Allowance (ESA) because of the nature of the ESA50 form, and the fact that Atos are seeking to deny benefits, and NOT assess disability: this will not be a fair investigation of your health issues.

This information needs to be shared widely so people are made aware of them, and can use them when claiming ESA or appealing.

These very helpful ideas are:

  •  Reliably, repeatedly and safely
  •  Exceptional circumstances – Regulations 25 and 31, 29 and 35
  •  Atos assessments and pitfalls – how they try to deceive you

1. Reliably, repeatedly and safely. 

‘Lord’ Fraud made this statement in the House of Lords:

“It must be possible for all the descriptors to be completed reliably, repeatedly and safely, otherwise the individual is considered unable to complete the activity.”


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