‘Shambolic’ privatised ambulance service run by billionaire given ‘good behaviour’ payment

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UPDATE: Unbelievably, despite its disastrous performance and despite having its contract terminated after just 7 months – Coperforma still trousered £16.2 million of taxpayers’ money and was given a ‘good behaviour’ payment: Outrage as firm handed ‘good behaviour’ payment over failing service In 2009 the Daily Mail told its…

Addressing the myth of ‘Old Labour’

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by Martin Odoni Just before Christmas, journalist and Labour campaigner Abi Wilkinson confessed in the Guardian to having temporarily ‘lost faith’ in her party’s current leader. Though I was too pessimistic to publicly back [Jeremy Corbyn], a part of me started to wonder, what if? What if the conventional wisdom…

Jeremy Corbyn and Noam Chomsky receive the prestigious international MacBride Peace Prize

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? Jeremy Corbyn was awarded the Sean MacBride Peace Prize along with Noam Chomsky and Japanese anti-military base activists, yet the award received no coverage in the British media. It was International Human Rights day today. Corbyn made an outstanding speech in Geneva, but the UK media unbelievably appear…

Skewed then skewered: Peston rebuked by Gardiner over reflex EU tweet

SKWAWKBOX Tonight’s BBC documentary on the General Election was an object lesson in the media’s obsessions with the wrong thing, a phenomenon which made them completely ignorant of the ‘Corbyn surge’ groundswell that the SKWAWKBOX and others knew was coming. It was perfectly summarised in a tweet by Red Pepper magazine: The documentary was clearly hastilyContinue reading “Skewed then skewered: Peston rebuked by Gardiner over reflex EU tweet”

Please support the SKWAWKBOX

SKWAWKBOX The SKWAWKBOX has become one the most influential of the ‘new left media’, attacked and copied in roughly equal measure by mainstream media and journalists and with a significant impact on the UK’s political narrative, as well as bringing Labour Party supporters information they wouldn’t otherwise know about. By design, we operate on aContinue reading “Please support the SKWAWKBOX”

Tory backbenchers refuse to sit behind govt on UC debate

Disgusting, shameful Conservative government SKWAWKBOX As Universal Credit (UC) was debated again in Parliament on Thursday, Labour MP Barry Gardiner tweeted a remarkable observation from the Commons chamber: Gardiner may not have been allowed to take a picture from within the chamber, but screengrabs of coverage on the Parliament channel were a different matter andContinue reading “Tory backbenchers refuse to sit behind govt on UC debate”

May ostracised by European leaders in Tallinn

SKWAWKBOX Theresa May is in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, for a meeting with European leaders. They’ve either not noticed – or are deliberately ignoring her, as one Twitter user noticed: Tonight diner in Talin European meeting May alone nobody turning to her a picture worth 1000 words pic.twitter.com/VwX2ftoZnV— Kiki❄ 🇲🇽 🇪🇺🇫🇷🔶️ (@CeeckhoutKiki) September 28, 2017Continue reading “May ostracised by European leaders in Tallinn”