Skewed then skewered: Peston rebuked by Gardiner over reflex EU tweet


Tonight’s BBC documentary on the General Election was an object lesson in the media’s obsessions with the wrong thing, a phenomenon which made them completely ignorant of the ‘Corbyn surge’ groundswell that the SKWAWKBOX and others knew was coming. It was perfectly summarised in a tweet by Red Pepper magazine:

redpepper labsummerThe documentary was clearly hastily rehashed to try to reflect what actually happened – but failed, because it had spent so much time focusing on the wrong thing.

The non-entities.

You’d think, after all the egg on faces in June, that the ‘MSM’ would have learned at least something from that experience – especially ITV political editor Robert Peston, who has just published a book titled, WTF: What the F— happened and what happens next?

Sadly, it seems almost no one has learned the lesson.

Peston tweeted tonight on the topic of an EU amendment that was voted on in…

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