A brief and blunt discussion about ‘economic competence’ before the general election

Please, if you haven’t made your mind up, or you’re one of the few who are considering voting Conservative. I for one don’t think any less of you voting Conservative but I beg you to reconsider. Just read this, or some of Kittysjones articles. Either though WordPress or on Facebook. Then you maybe inspired and whole new chapter of your life will open. You may see our country, some of our supposedly caretaker MPs. Voted in by us. Voted in to work in our and the country’s best interests. Although, with a little help from billionaire, millionaire media and coperative friends using all the apparatus open to them to keep them in power. Please, once again read the excellent informative articles and decide

Politics and Insights

Image result for people powerThe question asked shouldn’t ever have been how will Labour fund their costed manifesto. We have permitted this expedient Conservative diversion for long enough. It should have been exposed for what it is when George Osborne was rebuked for lying about Labour’s administration and economic management, and David Cameron was rebuked twice for claiming that his government were “paying down the debt“. They have done no such thing, however, and despite a substantial number of official rebukes for telling lies, the Conservatives have remained blatantly conservative with the truth

The real question that matters is this: where is the public’s money that citizens, their parents and grandparents have paid into the Treasury all these years? Why is there nothing to show for it over the past seven years? Why are increasing numbers of citizens of every age experiencing hardship and distress

This is a despicable way…

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