“In the past 38 years we have all become guinea-pigs, sacrificed without our knowledge or permission, on the slab of Tory social-experiment, after social experiment.

First …… “there is no such thing as society” Thatcherism. Next: “the individual is everything” Blairism. Then: “The Big Society” Cameronism. Now, today, the fourth Tory attempt to manipulate you in to believing that the deep-seated inequalities of Britain will, finally, be tackled.

‘Mental ill-health is a plague in our society’. Not words she did say .. but words she should have said. Mrs. May is entirely right to highlight the widespread issue of mental ill-health, but her solutions are like putting a small sticking-plaster on a severed limb. No strategy, no money dedicated specifically to finding the depth of the problem and then tackling it. Why? Because that would blow wide-open the foul secret the Tory Prime Ministers of the past 38 years have hidden.

Anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, many other aspects of mental ill-health … have reached epidemic proportions in Britain. That epidemic started under Thatcher and has enveloped the whole country.
Every one. Rich, poor, middle-class, working-class, (so-called) upper-class, royalty, bankers, short-term-contract employed, mansion-builders, young, elderly, and everyone in between. In a very real sense, Theresa May (without knowing it, or knowing what to do about it) is right when she says this is now a ” Sharing Society”.

We are all being affected, ‘sharing’, infecting each other with a sickness imposed by these blind political ‘leaders’ and their shared social experiment.

Every psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist will tell you “there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ person”. They will also tell you that “a society” is in very serious trouble … a deep psychological crisis … if the vast majority in that society feel ‘ill’ because of what that society has become.

It does not need me to say that every one I know, every one, is ‘ill at ease’ in ways I have never seen before. The superficial stigma of ‘dis’ease
must be seen for what it is .. a use of words. When ‘ease’ is ‘dis’ rupted .. then it becomes a state of ‘dis’ ease. If any one can define clearly the line when being ill-at-ease spills over in to your ease being dis’rupted then they should be listened to. No psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist would dare try.
If this society’s values are sick, being sick is the only healthy thing to be.

This society has become very sick indeed … because of values imposed by almost forty years of quite unhinged Prime Ministers.
Greed is good. Grabbing everything to yourself is good. Stamping all over everyone else to ‘achieve’ want you ‘want’ is good. Paying nothing/as little as possible to ‘build up’ the health of society is good. Making everyone else suffer for your greed is good. Spitting on bodies huddled in shop-doorways, sniggering as hospitals, rail, postal, gp, dental, social health, police, ambulance, defence services grind down, adopting blindness to the collapse of industries and communities, imposing crises in education, lack of housing, the NHS … all these things are good.

Replacing people with answerphone messages, computers, machines, to the point where kids are going mad tied like slaves to call-centre targets is good. Enslaving everyone to the norm of £18,000 worth of household debts, our brightest youngsters to £20,000 student debts, the rest to no work or slave work. All of these things are good.
Now, Mrs. May, quite genuinely, I have been waiting to see what you stand for.

As the daughter of a vicar and a regular church attender, I have been waiting to see what values you would bring to the society you are Primus Internet Pares for (First Among Equals).
No amount of fine words is enough. If you don’t tackle the rotten values imposed by your predecessors over the past 38 years, the ‘values’ which have brought about an epidemic of DIS – – EASE every one is suffering from in Britain, you will rightly be condemned as an ethical sham, an amoral hypocrite, and the slave-mistress of greed.

These matters have become bigger than party politics. What is there left of Britain for one-nation-conservatives to ‘conserve’? As ‘first-among-equals’, and under your faith, you have an opportunity to really ‘serve’ the values your father taught you as a child.
If you choose to abuse that by using empty phrases aimed at the ‘middle-ground’ of politics abandoned by Mr. Tory Blair, then you will be seen as only being interested in serving your Party, it’s vested interests, and its slavish kneeling at the altar of greed.”

Differences between Labour and Conservative



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