The Brexit vote wasn’t democracy in action. It was populist ignorance on a grand scale.

“The Brexit vote was mostly the result of an unholy alliance between a dumbed-down, middle-class, aging English electorate fed on a diet of Daily Mail and Express propaganda, Thatcherite Little Englanders and openly racist arseholes.”

And now the racists have taken this vote as tacit encouragement to spread their vile propaganda and step up the campaign against immigrants. Hate crime reporting has gone through the roof and people are genuinely afraid. We need to be confronting this head on, because unless you are part of the solution you are encouraging the problem. So let me be clear- “YOU DO NOT SPEAK IN MY NAME.

Pride's Purge

No-one else seems to be saying this, so I will.

Way back in 1988 – when the Thatcher government passed the infamous anti-homosexual law known as Section 28 – a majority of the UK population supported it.

I was one of the minority who was against it.

Even as late as 2000, polls showed around 52% of the UK population were against the Blair government repealing the law.

Despite being in the minority – I was never in any doubt that the majority were wrong.

These days, of course, everyone claims they know Section 28 was wrong. David Cameron – a strong supporter of Section 28 at the time it was introduced – has even apologised for it.

So we – the minority who were always against Section 28 – were in the end proven to be right.

That’s why Remain supporters need to get their balls back. Because being in a minority doesn’t make us wrong.

Politicians are too afraid…

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