URGENT: here’s why Labour delegates MUST defeat NEC’s pre-packed rule changes tomorrow

Yet another one, they just don’t give up


Please read and share this. It’s dry, esoteric, bureaucratically dull – and absolutely vital.

Tomorrow, Labour’s conference votes on a package of NEC-sponsored rule changes. These include measures to nullify the democratically-won pro-Corbyn majority by simply imposing additional, anti-Corbyn members – the very antithesis of democracy.

In order to try to force these measures through Conference, the anti-Corbyn faction are insisting that delegates can only vote on an ‘all or nothing’ basis – accepting or rejecting bad rule changes and good alike.

Attempts will be made again in the morning to ‘reference back’ (call a vote on) this anti-democratic tactic in favour of a line-by-line debate and vote that will allow individual measures to be approved or defeated. Attempts on the first two days have simply been ignored, in defiance of proper practice of allowing delegates to vote on the call.

Progress, the hard-right ‘party within a party’ funded…

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