Evidence of collusion in plain sight between BBC and Anna Soubry 

Yet again the BBC and Conservative Government’ revealing it’s true biased colours. Its shocking

UKI Left

If you don’t know by now how last night’s BBC Question time went then I can only suggest you seek out the videos in relation to the attacks on John McDonnell by the entire panel but specifically Anna Soubry, Alistair Campbell and David Dimbleby himself.

We though have noticed something that others may have not.

There is always debate around wether panelists are pre-prepared for the questions that will be levelled at them and somehow we expect that to be the case even if the BBC says it isn’t, but what if evidence arose that showed collusion? Collusion between the BBC and another panelist(s) on attacking another panelist.

Well, we believe that footage from the episode last night at the very least shows a good probability that collusion occurred. You can see the video at the end of this article but allow us to explain first what we are seeing.

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