The Blairites Are The Miss Havisham Of Politics

Excellent article

Turning the Tide

I was married to my first husband for thirteen years. We had good times and bad, but ultimately it stopped being right for both of us and we divorced.

Does that thirteen years make me an expert on marriage? Of course not. If anything I tend to clam up when anyone asks for marital advice. Or I might say, don’t ask me, I’m no expert, I got divorced remember. And that’s how it should be. Unless we are narcissists, most divorced people are humble enough to come out of a marriage questioning their relationship skills. What barely any of us do, is brag about our failed marriage to all and sundry. ‘Hey guys, I was married once so I must be bloody perfect at it!’

But that’s what the blairites do. If you think of that window of time between a political party being elected into power, and being kicked…

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