Excellent article – Mainstream media nod for Vox Political as unfairness against Corbyn is debated | Vox Political


“We have a situation in this country where 81 per cent of the mainstream media is owned by six corporations, most of the journalists that staff them went to a handful of universities and graduated about six inches to the left or the right of each other politically.

“So actually this little gap between them become the miniscule arena for political debate in this country, and anyone that operates outside of that is either mocked, ignored or ridiculed, or derided as some sort of mad, bad and dangerous person.”

“What we’re doing actually, is something slightly different to that, which is ourselves, incredible blokes like Another Angry VoiceVox Political, you’ve got Media DiversifiedNovara Media, we’re actually saying, ‘Hang on a minute!  There is a vast spectrum of ideas, great ideas, outside of that miniscule arena’.”


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