Labour coup boss Owen Smith just tried to blackmail the membership with this underhand move | The Canary

This man, and other coup members created this chaos. Owen Smith, along with the others should do the right thing for the party. The right thing for the British people. The right thing for democracy. Some time over the next few days give up his foolish challenge for the leadership. I believe next week or over the coming months Owen Smith, Hillary Benn and the other band of coup backers. Should all resign from the labour party. 

Then, do what they’ve been doing for the previous ten years or so join the Conservatives. Hillary Benn and co openly speak, act like they speak and have no knowledge how many, poor, disabled, unemployed, one parent families and so on are fighting for their survival. Even the recent and disgraceful  vote fee charge.  From £3 to £25 fee, or choice of feeding themselves, having electricity/gas or voting. 
I’m aware, many like myself will suffer and go without. So Jeremy Corbyn gets his deservedly leadership vote. This to me  is a small price to pay. I will be going without food, sitting in the dark for over a week. Although,  I will be able to sleep at night safe in the knowledge I have done the right thing. Safe knowing Corbyn will be at the dispatch box doing what his mandate asked him to do. Asking the questions which hold the conservatives to account. Hopefully, the traitos, like Smith, Benn and so on join them.


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