Mainstream politicians ‘clueless on migration debate’, says Jo Cox’s husband

Mainstream politicians ‘clueless on migration debate’, says Jo Cox’s husband

“The UK government policy is a Masterclass in how to get the crisis wrong; set an unrealistic target, miss it, report on it quarterly and in doing so show a complete lack of control heightening concern and fanning the flames of resentment.” –

I am so happy to see Jo Cox’s husband determined to carry on Jo’s work. Fighting all the evil which cost her life. What a brave, courageous man. Good on him. Sorry I need to get political now. Like many things this government have carried out,  along with a UK media hell bent on destroying the social fabric in our country.

A government, along with a media, determined to let . few rule. A media who, rather than holding a government to account.  By questioning their motives, negativity and nasty dialogue. The UK media have played along, pandered and amplified their evil political retroric and agenda.

Although,  I need to be honest and come out and say they have shown true grit and determination. There I said it.  What is more, to be fair remember this party in the first election in 2010  gained power within a coalition. Then again in the second general election gained power with a small minority. Again, this is open to debate, with all the media reports of vote rigging and fraud.

Lastly,  I believe the conservative party have with vigour following their surprising win in two elections.  Have looked down, riddiculed and mainly tried to destroy the lives of the poor, disadvantage and disabled.  With a divide and rule mentality.


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