The sorry facts which show the BBC has moved beyond bias, into pure propaganda | The Canary

“This united bitter Blairites, Conservatives and pro-Israel groups – who ran perhaps the most toxic smear campaign against the Labour party and its leader in living memory. In the run up to the local elections on May 5, the headlines across the BBC and wider media’s flagship television and radio programs was not the 1 million people in the UK reliant on food banks to eat, but the intrigue of the smear campaign.

Prior to the elections, the reporting by Kuenssberg was dominated almost exclusively by claims of crisis within Labour, providing a platform to a minority of bitter Blairites, and applying pressure on Corbyn to stand aside – or at the very least prepare to.

On Friday morning – when Corbyn’s vote had not collapsed, but increased, compared to Miliband’s general election performance of 2015 – there was no apology for the wrongful prediction. Instead, the narrative wheeled on regardless. While the SNP lost their majority in Scotland, and Labour advanced in England and Wales – this was the BBC website’s response.”

I find this whole sorry mess of media bias, not only alarming but verging on a controlled system. Not only conservatives, but factions of  bitter Blarites can or try to dictate who leads a UK political party. Additionally, if they don’t like the person, or the way in which that individual wishes to lead. They, by way of their media outlet. All team up, use any method possible to discredit, ridicule or demonize them.

Although, to Jeremy Corbyns credit,  along with his strong following he survives. Hopefully he will enter no. 10 with a strong team around him. Then out the sorry lot of his enemies


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