Independent – Shared Article ‘Lost elections, the Queen’s gaffe and the Iraq war are all Jeremy Corbyn’s fault’

I’m reading Lost elections, the Queen’s gaffe and the Iraq war are all Jeremy Corbyn’s fault via The Independent Daily Edition %url

“As the election results came through, the panel on the BBC consisted of a Conservative MP who hated Corbyn and, for balance, a Labour MP who hated Corbyn. The Labour figure was Chris Leslie. He appeared all afternoon, and probably all evening and all week. He’s probably now presenting Cash in the Attic, saying: “This table leg was made in 1896, which proves Jeremy Corbyn has ruined the Labour Party because by now we should be finding Georgian sideboards.”

Good article. From the moment Jeremy Corbyn arose from the back benches. The bulk of the media outlets, mostly tory press, the guardian and many Tony Blair advocates. All similar to a pack of hyena’s, their teeth all sharpened targeted and rounding on Corbyn. The article, in a comic satire. It attempts to highlight all the horrendous, in some way callous and vindictive attempts to blame Corbyn for every political error.

I believe,  Jeremy Corbyn  since taking over the leader of the labour party.  He took the role brilliantly. Obviously, having such a massive following or mandate. The following from momentum and many union affiliates backing him have helped. Hopefully the years a head he becomes stronger, and the labour party unites behind him. Do what the British people are screaming for. An opposition focusing on the evil, nasty party they are, the conservative party.

He has been in the job only months.  Already giving so many headaches or nightmares. I believe he gives David Cameron more than headaches. In my opinion he is good for the labour party. Bringing honesty, compassion and he stands by what he preaches. Something, not only Labour requires,  but the institution of politics.


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