Independent – Shared Article ‘It didn’t seem possible, but Britain just turned a little more Tory’

I’m reading It didn’t seem possible, but Britain just turned a little more Tory via The Independent Daily Edition %url

“Well done Britain. After a year of disastrousness and disillusionment – junior doctors’ strikes, teachers voting for strike action, parents pulling their pupils out of schools, U-turns on the doctors’ contracts, U-turns on working tax credits, U-turns on taking in refugee children from Europe, an overall inadequate and un-compassionate response to the refugee crisis, failures to meet self-imposed targets in the Budget, a trailing economy, investigations into benefit claimants’ suicides, a mayoral campaign that focused primarily on slyly using terms like “terrorist sympathiser” and “dangerous extremism” against Labour’s Muslim candidate, the gradual disappearance of women’s refuge centres for domestic violence victims, the health secretary told off for playing on his phone in Parliament during a debate on cutting nurses’ bursaries, the dramatic resignation of Iain Duncan Smith, and the slow but steady erosion of the NHS – we’ve sent out a really strong message. We’ve gone to the ballot boxes and expressed our dissatisfaction with a result about as clear as dishwater”

I put a title “sit in amazement”  because what ever this evil conservative party do, they seem to get away with it. David Cameron and his party over the past years have shown their utter contempt for anyone disabled,  unemployed,  sick, one parent individual and anyone else who didn’t go to any of the Elton. We have a debt hanger over us never before seen in the UK. At question time in the commons Jeremy Corbyn throws question after question at a smug self-righteous David Cameron,  only to be ignored or given answers with no substance whatsoever. Showing his total disrespect to the electorate.

Jeremy Corbyn took over the labour leader not so long ago, he didn’t want the job. Since then from every angle he needed to defend his political standpoint.  He saw what everybody was witnessing, a tory government hell-bent on destroying the NHS, kicking the disabled down and ripping away their income. Also, as suggested above  ignorance on the facts benefit claimants’ suicides.

What is more,relentless attacks from a licensed fee paying cooperation a biased BBC. Lead by conservative mouthpiece Lorna Kuernsberg. Media outlets,  the daily mail, telegraph, sun, times, and so on. Hell bent on destroying him and their utter contempt is unbelievable. Along with all of this. Jeremy Corbyn is receiving a level of targeting never before seen within the party. Fighting and abuse from within a labour party I never whitnessed before. I believe,  the blarite wing have never come to terms he won the leadership. Their continued struggle to except the membership vote amazes me. I wonder do they really want to see labour back in government. Let us, labour that is, once and for all get behind Jeremy Corbyn.  Rebuild where it seems to have gone wrong.   Get our act together and collectively let’s get these bastards out of government once and for all.


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