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Great article, “What I saw in the Tory party had taken away my ability to even feel affected by the destructive and racist rhetoric of a group as vile as the BNP. I was labouring under the misapprehension that I was part of the Big Society that David Cameron talked of.

That casual brand of racial stereotyping from my selection interview has now bubbled up into the upper echelons of the party in 2016. We see it in the mayoral campaign against Sadiq Khan. We see it in Boris Johnson’s reference to Barack Obama as a “part-Kenyan president”.” –

What we are witnessing is deeply rooted within the conservative party.  Additionally, not just its hatred towards other ethnic groups. Its their hatred towards all minority groups. Groups within our society for instance: disabled; unemployed; single mothers; part time workers. Anyone who doesn’t belong within their world. A place, were you were taught  at all the best schools. Your circle of friends from the top levels of society. 

The quicker these evil, nasty bigots are kicked out of government. The sooner we get a more compassionate, liberal and listening labour government


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