Ministers ‘letting down mentally ill people’ by not collecting data

Ministers ‘letting down mentally ill people’ by not collecting data

Absolutely staggering  “Berger is starting a campaign on Friday to reveal the extent of the problem, by releasing dozens of examples of areas in which the Department of Health said it did not collect the information on a national scale.

“The number of questions ministers cannot answer is staggering,” she said. “It is absolutely appalling that ministers have no idea how many new mums have taken their own lives because of mental health problems, how many people diagnosed with mental illness go to prison, or how many children have died in NHS mental health units.”

Other questions ministers were unable to answer included the proportion of people referred to consultant-led mental health treatment who were seen within 18 weeks – information that is readily available when it comes to physical health.

There was also no joined-up data on the number of mental health social workers being employed, and the number of people diagnosed with a mental health condition after suffering child abuse or physical injuries caused by the use of restraint in psychiatric wards.”


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