Watch “Iain Duncan Smith says 75% of people punished under killer benefit sanctioned system Thanked him” on YouTube

IDS, a man with traits so evil Jack the Ripper, Kray twins and even the devil himself would be terrified. He laughs and smirks at the unemployed,  poor, disabled and so on. Much needed financial support ripped away from them. Even now all manner of supprt,  it being:  financial;  social care or much needed professional care. Whether it coming from our amazing NHS, by way of community nurses, i.e stroke nurse. Additionaly, pain specialists or consultants.  or from cuts to care. All cut to a bare minimum, or evdn worse stopped.
How can this man have the nerve to suggest:  “75% of people  punished under kilker benefit sanctioned system Thanked him”.

What is more, the lies and distortion of statistical data, I could list more. This man, who had the nerve to stand in the House of Commens and come out with so much drival. He tried to deceive people, suggesting cancer charities and organisations backed him with his changes and sanctioning.

Since starting within his current position, he is wasting billions of pounds of money. On unethical, evil contracted out “work capability tests”, (Atos). Which, again, I may had,  wasted billions of pounds of tax payers money.  A Commons select committee viewd the tests:  evil, unethical. Tests being carried out by non-professionals and containing lies. Even more worryingly and disturbingly causing more distress and deaths.

He as systematically destroyed a much needed social security system. Tried, changed or revamped a system which gave much needed support. Taken away DLA, or much needed mobility, I could go on. Destroyed lives and even caused the deaths of thousands innocent disabled people. He is evil and beyond contempt.

“While out campaigning for the Tory London mayoral candidate, Zac Goldsmith, Duncan Smith also dismissed protests about the controversial sanctions regime as “a classic buzz from the left” and claimed “these people are never going to vote for us – you have to understand, these people hate us”.

Smith said: “Iain Duncan Smith’s claim that 75% of people who had been sanctioned say it ‘helped them focus and get on’ is groundless and shows he is out of touch with the real impacts of policies introduced by his department.

“In reality, widespread concerns have been raised about this government’s use of sanctions, including from their own advisers, which is why the cross-party work and pensions select committee called for a full independent review into the system.

“However, Iain Duncan Smith is reluctant to accept such scrutiny. Thankfully, Labour is calling for far greater transparency and honesty in this debate, so we can ensure greater numbers of people are actually helped into work, while being treated fairly.


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