Three brilliant put-downs for David Cameron after he criticised Jeremy Corbyn’s dress sense | Vox Political

Why, or when debating what matters within society or the population of the UK. Specifically the NHS, Welfare, education and so on. Although why does is matter what your wear. More so an epensive suit and your tie done up.

I belive, what really matters more is speaking the truth. Having integraty, principles and above all the abilty to communicate and mix at grass roots level of society.  With the people that matter, and you are elected ti represent. We have charities, academics, political committees reacting negatively and condemning conservative policies. House of lords debating and again condemning conservative policy.

Nonetheless, we have a collection of elites at the top. Educated at particular, reffered to top schools, Eton in particular. Creating policies of cutting NHS, welfare, fire, police, education and so on.

They are so out of touch, again with individuals at grass roots levels of society. Individuals concerned when they go supermarkets, paying for gas and electric, tv licence, running a car, and so on. These things are so far from their reality. Whilst mixing within social networks of millionaires, billionaires and so on.


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