DWP being evasive over universal credit delays, MPs claim

DWP being evasive over universal credit delays, MPs claim


“The lack of transparency surrounding a programme with such wide-reaching implications for so many people is completely unacceptable,” he said. – The conservative party way of doing things.  Believing they above everyone else


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  1. Hi – I am sorry to bother you but i noticed some months ago you re-blogged a poem of mine called “On the WRAG” which has subsequently been stealthily pilferred from my blog!! Yes!! Someone left a note saying: “Fine Poem this” and took my draft. This is one of the few that I have ever not saved but it seems I have not the original. I wondered if you happened to have a copy….though why should you? Cheers Bruce

    1. I will take a look, did i give credit to you on my blog. or state where the poem came from. Most often than not I do refrenace or show where I receive information. If not, I apologize and will certainly re-blog the poem and cite you as an author. Again I apologise

      1. No Stewilko you musunderstand – I was greatful though I did not state it – my fault I am sorry – but someone has apparently raided my blog so now I have to go through it and see what else might be missing. It can’t be a problem with my password – I can’t figure it out. It may not be the only work I have missing. A bummer. Thanks anyway.

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