Labour complains to BBC over Stephen Doughty resignation | Vox Political

Its about time. The  BBC, a publically owned,  paid for through the license fee never its history held in such dire contempt. Its political biased and utter contempt for british democracy.  I believe believe from the very top, including Stephen Doughty. What is more to the rubbish tip, foul smelling bottom. I will not  even call it journalism. Because it tarnishes good, unbiased,  democrati, ethical  journalism. I can name a few, although two sprspring to mind . The first is David Camerons old bum chum, eton old boy Nick (tory) Robinson.  The second is the  woman who took his job Laura  (another pro-Tory) Laura Kuenssberg.

What I don’t understand is why and for how long should the BBC be allowed to carry on with these activities the way they do. They seem to be untoucable, or it appears that way. Their quite openly publish anti labour, miliband and now corbyn. Without any narrative or publication of anti government news reporting. Over the previous year’s this Tory lead government has totally ripped this country to its kness. With its austerity agenda and don’t look at me blame it on the other rhetoric have tore the social security system to bits. Millions have died, left without food on their tables,  banished to ever increasing foodbanks,  unable to have the basic need of warmth to heat their home. We have whitnessed, not only by the BBC an avalanche of anti labour,  workshy, lazy, anti disability bile and crap for years. All that is thrown out at us follows every conservative policy,  if any doesn’t follow this line they are threatened with having their budget cut or withdrawn all together.

For far to long the BBC, I was going to say reporting. Although, this drival of vial rubbish, will as many news items from history have now been brought into dispute.  For instance Margaret Thatchers long disturbing legacy.  Her prolonged run in with the unions,  led by Ken Maclusky. The very often, violent police led turbulent fights to close all the coal pits,  and run ins with many miners. Often ending violently and without due cause. Her battle with the IRA and should I say it, her heroic battles to keep the falklands. Recently, and my god haven’t we been awash with it, Tony Blairs many unpleasant blood thirsty mistakes of Iraq. I truelly believe that judgment day will eventually befall on those who have done wrong to the many thousands or millions who have suffered under the hard, dictorship of this conservative government.  Their legacy of tearing up the very foundations the NHS, social security and so on to line theirs and friends pockets is not onky shameful but laughs in the face of those great pioneers who created them. Laughs in the millions of men and women who fought within the previous two great wars to protect.  like the we lose touch in ethical,  unbiased and democratic news reporting. We in the United Kingdom start to become a dictatorship


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