Cameron’s Christmas message hails ‘Christian’ Britain and praises armed forces

Cameron’s Christmas message hails ‘Christian’ Britain and praises armed forces

Cameron couldn’t resist crow-barring the word “Terrorist..” into his speech, and his condescending mention of SOME (Actually fucking hundreds of thousands..) of people who are “ill, homeless or alone” was a glib nod to those who suffer under this Government’s austerity measures whilst he and his chums like Murdoch feast in expensive restaurants and clubs in tinsel-town London.Bastard.

Cameroon praises those who are willing to give their lives for “our country”. What does “their country” mean? Could it be the food banks, the deliberately depleted NHS, the suicides of those at the bottom (including many ex soldiers); because this poverty Britian is the reality for many. Or could it be The City, with bonuses, and tax dodigers who pay ministers and media to spread lies for them? This is the Britain of those who send people to war. Or could be be some nostalgic vision of cricket and village greens? Which is a fairy-tale thing invented by those who send the poor to war?

And once you’ve said what you mean by “their country”, you need to explain exactly how it is they are making me safer (I assume I am part of “their country”, but tell me if I am wrong). Because from what see the armed actions in the ME are making me less safe.
That said, more people die at the hands of a violent domestic partner than they do from criminal acts. So if you are worried about keeping the population safe would you move your attention there?


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