Jo Brand: newspapers reinforce ignorance over mental health

Jo Brand: newspapers reinforce ignorance over mental health

I applaud Jo Brand for speaking out on a topic which is more relevant now than ever before. More so because of this pathetic excuse of a government. Which as dragged us back to the 1800s in every count, from workhouses, soup kitchens, poor laws and so on. I did presume once, a government were there to be an administration within a country.  Which enables its citizens to live their lives from cradle to grave to the best of their abilities. A climate as been created were if your not privileged, have a huge resource of wealth, or work within the top tier of jobs. You are frowned upon or even walked all over.

The Conservative Party now in power begars belief.  Jo suggests newspapers, and I believe along with this governments narrative. Have reinforced so many evil, negative and disturbing narratives. Which as caused so much damage to individuals lives, at worse and sadly suicides.

Presently, living in this country, also to suffer from a disability. More specifically, from mental health problems your life is made to be like a living hell. Financial support ripped away from you, along with necessary vital NHS services. Not forgetting care support from family and so on.


2 Replies to “Jo Brand: newspapers reinforce ignorance over mental health”

  1. There’s no such thing as stability unless you agree to alife where the Institution is interwoven until you are finally condemned there for keeps, from being too impovershed to look after your own needs. And then….death.

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