Budget 2015: A shameless, unmitigated attack on the poor, the young and families | Comment | Voices | The Independent


Today will see a further relentless attack on the poorest,  most downtrodden within society.  Individuals who have already whitenesed and felt the the most shameful and evil policies ever laid down by any UK government.  The worst thing is,  the individuals producing, engineering the propaganda and the evil MPS leading this conservative government don’t care one bit. History will show an era have prolonged poverty. Where the gap between have’s and never had is ever wider. The richest 1% at the top are ever more protective. The worm and squirm their way into policies which protect their interest.

Never before have we whitenesed the ever increasing and terrifying amounts of individuals surviving on rationing, sanctioning or in many cases complete withdrawal of finances. The majority, pushed into a corner trying to survive on handouts.  To purchase food and energy. Or eat or heat. Sometimes both. It is both sad and disgraceful. And yet , do those inflicting these evil activities under the name of austerity care. No, not one bit and it terrifies me


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