George Osborne, get your beady eye off the housing benefit budget

George Osborne, get your beady eye off the housing benefit budget

“This government have increased taxes for ordinary people in this country through the massive hike in VAT and all the little hidden taxes. They’ve also massively decreased the real spend on the services that those people use, bringing all the life support networks to their knees.
In return they’ve given sweeteners to corporations worldwide and have cut various taxes that benefit the rich plus have put private contracts the way of their chums. They’ve doubled the debt. They have been bailed out by the collapse in the oil markets, which has driven down inflation, meaning that transport and fuel costs have fallen which means that some goods haven’t risen in price. The arabs have given ordinary people of this country the only lifeline but Osbourne gets the credit. Public sector wages compared with private is a smoke and mirrors act – the low paid jobs such as cleaning and caring were contracted out years ago and so appear in the private sector rather than the public sector and the publicly owned bank wages were also discovered to be used in the public sector wages for this comparison. There has been a freeze and limiting to 1% for years in the public sector and the private sector has supposedly been rising ever higher, so the figures given are yet another con.
This government lies and spins to cover up what they are really doing and people like you fall for it hook, line and sinker.”  So true


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