Gordon Brown exposes 8 Tory ‘fictions’ about poverty – Politics Live

Gordon Brown exposes 8 Tory ‘fictions’ about poverty – Politics Live


“Fiction can become fact; the constant lie can become accepted and incontrovertible truth. So it was with Tory claims that Labour had brought Britain close to being another Greece. Now it is happening again on Europe. And the most insidious myth, increasingly pervasive, is that the poor are workshy, scrounging out chaotic lives in a nation where strivers are paying their taxes for skivers … (Gordon Brown, Nov 2015)

All the facts belie the Tory propaganda. Not only are 51% of Britain’s poor now in working households, but as many as two of every three poor children live in a working family. Indeed, the biggest group of families in poverty are highly traditional families: fathers who work and mothers who stay at home, but who now cannot survive on one wage. Of course we have to deal with a range of problems – from drugs and domestic violence to mental illness and family break-ups – but it is a fiction that the biggest army of today’s poor are from “chaotic” families.”


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