To really combat terror, end support for Saudi Arabia

To really combat terror, end support for Saudi Arabia

Well put Owen Jones. The religious establishment in Saudi Arabia (KSA) has been exporting its unpleasant brand of medieval Islam (Wahabism) across the Muslim world for many years. Bankrolled by enormous oil revenues, this campaign has led to the spread of what could be called ‘fundamentalism’ in countries such as Malaysia and Pakistan. It has caused strains wherever the ideas has travelled, and wherever Wahabi preachers from KSA have been sent or travelled. And yet, in KSA itself, there is a vast reservoir or opposition to the status quo, both secularist and ultra-religious violent worldviews. For an example of the development of the latter, see

It may be hard to prove that the government of KSA is behind all this, but the Kingdom is the result of an uneasy alliance between Mecca and Riyadh, religion and power. There will be individuals in KSA who therefore rejoice at the spread of violent jihadism (and there are individuals there who fear and abhor its spread). The Wahabi ideology and its derivatives are the driving force of this movement. Its home is Saudi Arabia, and within the religion there is a power struggle, which the Wahabis want to win. So they will find every which way to spread the ideology.


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