When have the Tories ever been on the side of anyone but their own priviliged kind?

I agree with all this, great article


The following was written by Tina Savage | @savage_tina

Did you expect anything else?

I was only a nipper when Thatcher was in government but I remember the day that she was ousted from No10. I was in primary school and teachers were running into each other’s classrooms over joyed, it was like all their Christmases had come at once. This momentous occasion has stuck with me into adulthood, so why have others forgotten the destructive force that the Conservatives really are? I was moved, like many others by the lady on BBC Question Time who was sobbing at the impact that tax credits were going to have on her and her family. She said she voted Conservative because she felt they would be better at securing a future for her children. No disrespect to her and the many others that felt the same, but what made them think that…

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