A New Leader for Labour in the UK

Excellent, lets hope Jeremy Corbyn can combat the UK media. It is going to be a difficult task along with the enemy within. The individual encounters with Blairite factions, Cooper et al.. I believe Corbyn may be one of the greatest prime ministers of this country. Hopefully, history will also show the evil policies from this current government

Working-Class Perspectives

Last Saturday, Jeremy Corbyn was elected the new leader of the UK Labour Party after a summer long campaign. Corbyn’s name may not be familiar to many readers. To be honest, few outside the supporters of left wing causes in the UK would have known of him until he just scraped on to the ballot after finding enough MPs to put his name forward. What happened afterwards has been truly amazing. From the status of ‘doomed to fail’ outsider, Corbyn and his team took the election by storm, speaking to packed rallies up and down the country. These drew many long-time labour members as well as others who have returned to the party after a long absence and, perhaps most significantly, thousands of young people who were supposedly irredeemably lost to politics. In a few short months, Corbyn managed to attract into the party tens of thousands of supporters who…

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