I deserve a 10% pay rise, no matter what the paupers say

David Camercon's private Journal

Sod the poor Sod the poor

Dear Diary

IPSA are doing a fine job in deciding how much a person like me is entitled to have as a wage. They are persisting with the 10% pay rise for all hard working MP’s, and even those that just turn up at the house for a snooze, saving on their fuel bills at home. .

Personally, I take home two wages, as you know, which means that I get two pay rises, one on each wage. I am so rich, so happy, so smug, but I don’t care.
As for those silly people who signed that silly Change.org petition, do these people not realise that petitions do not work. I will do what I want, when I want, to whom I want.

I don’t care if the Welfare bill is being slashed until it is a mere skeleton. I don’t care if people are dying…

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