Common Space – Fraser Stewart: What my job in a UK job centre told me about today’s benefits system
” Welfare cuts affect people’s lives in the worst possible way, with direct links to depression, anxiety, malnutrition and homelessness: they diminish living conditions to sub-human standards by treating those affected as sub-human beings.”. Well said. In years to come these scum should never be allowed to escape from the grave injustice they have caused. Targeting the most vulnerable of individuals within our society. The British press,  more so the Tory press. Who ideological and without any care,  targeted and used the lowest forms of gutter journalism.

Cameron, IDS,  Freud, Osborne and even Labour MP Frank Fields. All have shared in their evil ideological selfishness. Along with greed and a need for political power. They have the blood of the millions of disabled individuals on their hands. Who have, as a consequence of their policies died. Shame on them


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