Rich people baffled by the poor

That's Nothing News

Rich people, especially those who inherited their fortune or got a job from their uncle, are baffled as to why anyone would want to be poor.

A round table discussion was filmed at Buckingham Palace to discuss the question, ‘why do horrible, unsightly poor people have to be poor?’

George Osborne chimed in by saying they are all “very silly, and also they are dickheads. They should pull up their bootstraps.”

Dawn French countered, “They don’t have any boots, or bootstraps, George.”

Osborne just sniggered at this and spent the next three hours smirking. Jeremy Clarkson blamed the Mexicans. Boris Johnson said he thought ‘the poor were all rather nice chaps, good natured Brits and if they want to be poor that’s their bloody right, you know, to do that.” This received a cheer.

David Cameron said he really thought “they’re enjoying the comfort of being poor too much. I’ve…

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