Has the right learned to love higher wages? Don’t fall for it

Has the right learned to love higher wages? Don’t fall for it


“Now they can complete Thatcher’s mission, doing what she never dared. Early disguises are shed, so there is nothing stealthy about their intent. The axe swings in full public view against everything their modern party detests, from benefits to the BBC, from windmills to Whitehall, the arts to local councils, with special attention to the obnoxious young.

Why not? Who will oppose them? Humiliated Labour is on its knees. Osborne taunts Labour: go on, oppose welfare cuts and nail yourselves back in the Miliband coffin marked “On the side of scroungers”.
Its about  time Labour grew a pair and faced this shower of Eton Bullington  boys. Thess disgusting cuts to an already savaged welfare system.  leaving families down trodden.  The term heat or eat has never been so realistic and evident within poor. The huge increase in food banks, individuals going without the basic provisions, i.e food, gas/electric,  and so on.  Brought on by a ruthless DWP sanctioning system. Individuals going without any income after having their DLA stopped. All because they wait month after month due to a criminal, unethical and unjust assessment system. 
What is more,  the millions of disabled paying an unfair bedroom tax


One thought on “Has the right learned to love higher wages? Don’t fall for it

  1. You won’t believe this but even tiny liddle Bath is having a demonstration outside the Tory Party Headquarters today. Iddle widdel Conservative Oink land. Funny. 5.30 pm just so’s you know. Bless!

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