When will these ‘do-gooders’ stop moaning …?

David Camercon's private Journal

Death to the disabled Death to the disabled

Dear Diary.
I am sick and tired of these ruddy charities bleating on about how these essential cuts are affecting the needy. It is we politicians that are suffering with these cuts, not financially of course. I mean, the welcome 10% pay rise that we are to get is well below the 40% that I fought for. It is we politicians that have to face the the fear of losing our claims when it comes to expenses. There is a vicious rumour that we made need to take further cuts in those, as well as our pensions being frozen to 25% above inflation.

How do these people think we are going to survive. I work hard, travelling the world, visiting some lovely places, visiting some of the most important people in the world. So I am surely worth the £140,000 per year pay packet, even though…

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