Children trapped in poverty by UK government’s ‘dysfunctional system’

Children trapped in poverty by UK government’s ‘dysfunctional system’

Utterly disgusting and shameful.  I just do not understand and to me it beggars belief that professional services, welfare rights,  charitable organisations,  political parties and so on.  The list goes on.  Why are all of these organisations and so on. Allowing the awful unethical Conservative party.  Along with a small minority to continue with their Nazi style of control and policies.  The continued propaganda machinery leading many like sheep to believe in the heatless destruction of our welfare system.

The immoral and disturbing assessments by untrained and individuals who without justification withdraw their only financial support.  A political system, witch many countries envied.  Also what many believed, an honest, ethical, democratic process which served this country for hundreds of years.

I do believe we have witnessed over the previous years a trend,  and still continues.  Media,  political and frighteningly the public. The many public, who like headless chickens. Spoon-fed by a particular vile, unscrupulous,  nasty media.  Owned by a minority very rich who feel they need to keep a tight reign on particular parts of the masses.

What’s frightening, certain parts of the masses seem to believe the dribble and utter garbage that our present societies ills are caused by the “dysfunctional” – disabled,  unemployed and those forced into poverty. 

Although,  in the distant past,  and what many seem to forget.  The economic crisis or crash.  Originally caused by a banking system.  Which was Hell bent on world domination and control.  Even now,  ignored and selfishly rewarded with high levels of pay,  bonuses and happy to continue as though nothing occurred.

Makes my blood boil


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