Protests not a riot!

I admirs Charlotte Church for hef convicted. The idiots who did the graffiti should be arrested andget what they deserve. Although it shouldn’t stop the protests against these unjust laws

Sat on my Butt

Yesterday on Twitter I followed the protests against government cuts and the fact the Tories got in, thousands of people took to the streets in the capital to make their voices heard and yet on the early evening ITV London News it wasn’t mentioned.
This morning thankfully it has been reported on but it seems that the actions of a few have slightly distracted the report from the true purpose of the March, the Women in War memorial was daubed with anti Tory graffiti and missiles including traffic cones were thrown at the police.


I have seen quite a few posts saying that the marches were wrong and that people who were retweeting and posting messages of support have helped this abhorrent act of vandalism.

Yes it’s true that most large scale protests result in some criminal damage and anti social behaviour but we can’t allow this to stop protest…

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