Why I’m not totally devastated by the election…

Amazing and shows how strong collective action could. I believe the next few months and probably the up and coming years hopefully we will see many more

sweets way resists

11136615_10155615341370157_8662254427686270527_n Post-election karaoke at the community house.

Nicked from Liam’s Facebook wall:

“So I woke up today to a torrent of misery on Facebook and Twitter over the election results. I felt a bit of it myself, though fighting government has become a bit of a given for me, and something that I’ve seen the desperate need for in both Tory + Labour strongholds, so didn’t expect a great deal from the election. Still – the thought of that many Tory voters wasn’t easy to wake up to…

Then I went up to the occupied Sweets Way community house in Barnet, for Daniel, a boy who used to live on the estate’s 7th birthday party. Sweets Way is at the frontlines of the fight against social cleansing, privatisation and inequality; we are organising there against evictions, housing demolitions and families being forced into properties miles away from the places they…

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