An Unemployed Idealism

In Amongst The Ebb And Flow

Dear Passer By,

Work and Pensions secretary Ian Duncan Smith rejoiced this January after it was revealed that unemployment has fallen 58,000 to 1.9 million. Satisfied with the latest set of contrived figures, he exclaimed:

“It is only right that in return for government support – and in return for their benefits – jobseekers are expected to do all they can to find work. Although on benefits, they still have a job: the job is to get back into work.

“The claimant commitment, which is deliberately set to mimic a contract of employment, makes this expectation explicit.”

What was missing from Duncan Smith’s vitriol was the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are signing off from jobseekers allowance due to sanctions. And as mainstream media and commentators are mindful of not reporting, a person who is not receiving any money from the DWP is not classified as unemployed. News…

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