Perverting the course of justice: Once a crime, now government policy | Vox Political

Totally agree with this comment “Unfortunately this country is now dead and buried as a civilised democratic society.

30 years of dumbing down and encouragement of self interest have brought us to the point of no return.

24 hour booze, 24 hour tv, 24 hour gambling, 24 hour shopping, a culture of “well I’m alright” and a blitzing of our education system by all parties in the last 30 years has destroyed whatever social cohesion was ever in us.

Government is now in a position to do whatever it likes, too many lawbreakers ( by which I mean the bankers, thieving politicians and other prominent figures and corporations) have escaped scot free for the general population to be even the slightest bit interested in what happens in the justice system.

Too much media “spin” passing for the truth has been accepted by the self indulgent population who are either too lazy or too ignorant to see the truth for themselves.

Reality shows like big brother, Jeremy Kyle , the Valleys, Geordie shore, TOWIE etc show working class people as lazy, loud, drunken, uneducated, promiscuous, good for nothing members of society fully deserving of all the government do to control them. And let’s face it a good portion of these people go out of their way to prove this point every weekend.

All human rights in this country will be gone within the next 5 years, the media have already spent a good deal of time on people who have ” abused human rights” to the point if they were abolished it would be universally accepted.

Police powers now exceed those of the Nazi’s or other dictatorships around the world. All ushered in with the quiet acquiescence of the general population as necessary for “terrorism prevention” ( much the same as the nazi’s did)

“Work camps” will be introduced within 5 years as a natural progression of workfare and welfare cuts. These will “enable people to gain a work ethic” whilst doing something for the “hard working taxpaying community” and again there will be no objection from the general population.

The NHS will cease to exist during the next Parliament (most likely a Tory one). Already we have a concerted mass media attack on it’s “fitness for purpose” and the idea that “time wasting sick people” should pay to see their GP

Euthanasia will soon become legally acceptable and encouraged by the government. This will bring down the costs of work capability assesments, disability benefits, social care costs and free up space for a younger fitter population. Again we have already had a media campaign about how well pensioners have done during austerity.

Employees will lose the right to leave a job without their employers agreement, in effect becoming their employers property. This will be done in the interests of the workers giving them ( at their employers whim) security of employment and guaranteeing them a place to live ( though it may only be a bed in a dormitory)

The mere tinkering with access to justice means nothing to the general population and neither will all the points above. After all by the time I have been to work, texted all my mates on facebook, done my late night shopping, watched a bit of reality tv and gotten really rat a***d over the weekend I will be too tired to protest about things that have no effect on me at all !!”


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