George Osborne’s 2015 Budget: From The 1930s to the ’60s, And Beyond


Semi-Partisan Politics

George Osborne Budget 2015 Conservative Party

“Out of the red and into the black, Britain paying its way in the world again!” boasted George Osborne, pounding the despatch box with satisfaction as he finished delivering the coalition government’s final, 2015 Budget.

This was wishful thinking at best. But by any reasonable measure it constitutes wilful deceit.

From the BBC’s summary of Budget Day 2015:

Setting out his plans in the Commons, Mr Osborne said: “We took difficult decisions in the teeth of opposition and it worked. Britain is walking tall again.

“Five years ago, our economy had suffered a collapse greater than almost any country.

“Today, I can confirm: in the last year we have grown faster than any other major advanced economy in the world.”

He said he would use a boost in the public finances caused by lower inflation and welfare payments to pay off some of the national debt and end the squeeze…

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