Human rights are the bedrock of democracy, which the Tories have imperiled.

Totally agree

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The prime minister has again confirmed that a future majority Conservative government would repeal Labour’s landmark legislation – the Human Rights Act , 1998 – and replace it with a “British Bill of Rights”, as I reported back in Julyand he has previouslypledged to leave the  European Convention on Human Rights, as I’ve also reported.

And I wrote this earlier today: The lord chancellor is dismantling the rule of law, which discusses how  Grayling is preparing to unveil Tory plans to scrap Britain’s human rights laws. The plans would repeal the Human Rights Act and break the formal link between the European Court of Human Rights and British law. Its judgement would now be treated as “advisory” and need to be approved by parliament. 

Grayling has already tried to take legal aid from the poorest and most vulnerable, in a move…

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