A Truly Chilling Move: Now Maximus Are Trying To Buy Remploy

“These bastards need to be stopped.”, to right. I, probably the vast majority of people in the UK. Both disabled and able bodied will be be shocked to hear this. Having suffered at the hands of Atos and their lies, immoral examinations. What is more knowing individuals who have suffered from Remploy. Knowing what happened to this evil nasty company in the USA why on earth have the UK government let them become so infiltrated into our economy. More so, targeting the most vulnerable and weak in our society. These bastards, shouldn’t be ket anywhere near any disabled individuals. Saying that watch McVey being grilled recently. Her utter contempt and pitiless amount of lies sprouting from her vile mouth. Luckily Glenda Jackson’ got the better of her. What is more the recent amount of lies and spin from IDS both in the Telegraph and Observer. My blood boils when I hear, watch or even think of these two people. You couldn’t get two of the most evil, nastiness of individuals to look after the most vulnerable within society as possible

the void

maximusfbUS based multinational Maximus could be set to expand their monopoly over the lives of sick and disabled people by buying up what’s left of soon to be privatised Remploy.  This brazen move is sure to inflame anger against the company who are already facing protests after winning the contract to take over running the despised Work Capability Assessment from Atos.

Shortly after the government embarked on the cruel and vindictive closure of the Remploy factories, parts of the organisation were hived off and turned into a sort of state run welfare-to-work company.  Then last year it was announced this would be sold off to the private sector under an initiative bizarrely called Project Jupiter.

Just two companies have submitted bids to buy Remploy, Maximus and Prospects.  Both of these companies are already involved in the welfare-to-work  sector and the Remploy deal comes with a big juicy DWP contract to…

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