The Coalition has deliberately financially trashed the NHS to justify its privatisation

They make you laugh in utter disbelief. How and why can they get away with this. Isn’t there any law or regularly department or organisation which is meant to oversee this type of behaviour.

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In the 6 years before the Tory Health and Social Care Act became law the NHS ran a budget surplus of a combined total of more than £10 billion. This can be confirmed on page 9 of the report document Tough times, tough choices – An overview of NHS finances.  Of that £10 billion surplus, more than £2 billion of the surplus came from NHS Trusts in the years preceding 2012.

After the passing of the Tory Health and Social Care Act, however, the combined surplus in the NHS Trust Sector has declined sharply. For example, in the most recent year, the NHS Trust surplus halved. This is confirmed on page 20 of the report – shown here.

In addition, since the Tory NHS Act came into effect, an increasing number of NHS Trusts have reported that they are suffering financial difficulty. In fact…

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