The Tory election strategy is more of the same: Tories being conservative with the truth

Makes me laugh and shudder with utter disgust. Sick awful idiots

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The following email is fromBack to messagesthe Conservative Campaign HQ, it’s packed with the most jaw-droppingly blatant lies and it marks the launch of their election campaign:

Your friends need to see this:

Conservative Campaign HQ (


To: Susan Jones

When we came into office in 2010, Britain was on the brink of bankruptcy.

People were losing their jobs and families were worried about the future. So we took difficult decisions to get our economy back on track.

Five years later, thanks to the measures we’ve taken and the hard work of the British people, the deficit has been halved, new businesses are opening up across the country, and there are a record number of people in work, with the security of a pay packet.

Our plan is working – and we need to stay on the road to a stronger economy. Please share our poster today and let everyone…

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